Software Development

UnitLabs is a leading software development company that delivers world-class, multi-platform enterprise solutions to a broad spectrum of global clients, ranging from Fortune500 corporations, to mid-sized vertical businesses and buzzing startups.

UnitLabs combines 22+ years of profound technical expertise with a careful attention to client specifications and expectations. Our software development services include custom enterprise solutions, on-premise software integrators and support engineers, testing and quality assurance labs, and much more.

Software development is a very complex process. A quality software must be fully functional, usable, secure, stable and recoverable. Not to mention scalability and ability to adapt with growing business requirements.
And because a great percentage of software project failures are blamed on bad project management, we use Agile as our project management methodology. Agile helps us manage rapidly changing requirements, unrealistic time estimates and unplanned costs. To overcome these challenges, Agile comes into process.

Accounting Office

Project and documents management software.


Time attendance and HR management system.

Al-Khabeer Al-MaliTime

Financial system.

Fuji Film Studios

Point-Of-Sale system.

Antwerb Terminal

Terminal Operating System (TOS)