Transparent PMS

Product Overview

Transparent PMS is a full-fledged project management suite that caters for the organizational requirements of both SMEs and large-scale corporations.Transparent PMS simplifies everyday project management routine, streamlines business workflow and improves collaboration between project teams, company-wide business functions and end clients. The feature-rich, cloud-based solution also puts you in complete control of the project’s financials and grants you and your client a minute-by-minute monitoring of assignments, utilization, progress and deliverables.Transparent PMS has a strong reporting module that gives you fully customizable views of the system’s ins and outs while seamlessly integrating with Transparent CRM and Transparent RMS.

Key Features

Integrated Project Management Solution
Now you can manage every single stage of your project from preliminary setup, job by job planning, team recruitment, assignment, evaluation, payment and invoicing, in a single cloud-based solution.
Multiple-User Access
Transparent PMS is designed for cross-function use, not only by senior management and executives, but also by project managers, resources, operation chiefs, procurement executives, accountants and end clients. Through user-defined interfaces, Transparent PMS delivers personalized information and functionality, enabling users to carry out their individual responsibilities as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
PMO-Level Administration
Whether your project management activities are run by a Project Management Office, Field Operations, Account Management or even by yourself as a sole proprietor, Transparent PMSempowers you with a higher level administration of all running projects. You can select, evaluate and compensate PMs, control project budgets, task priorities, access rights, invoicing cycles, etc.
Client Dashboard
Clients can keep a vigilant eye on the progress of their projects through a feature-rich dashboard. They can monitor jobs and tasks, scrutinize quality processes and modify instructions, verify POs and invoices, set delivery priorities, chat with a resource or message the whole team, all from a handy web interface.
Powerful System-Wide Collaboration
According to your access rights, you can collaborate with your teams, superiors and end client in almost every single part of the system. You can add messages, activities, tickets and cases to a specific job, task, PO, invoice, price book, QA sheet, etc.
Fits Every Business Size
The system offers comprehensive project management, control, and execution that is suitable for both single site, multi-site, and global organizations of any size. Individual clients and freelance resources/vendors are all integrated as active project team members.
Fits Every Business Sector
Transparent PMS is designed to support the project needs of many industries, including: construction, telecom, automotive, professional services, financial services, aerospace, public sector, manufacturing and healthcare.
First-Rate Customer Support
UnitLabs provides a comprehensive setup, integration and training support to help you make the most of your investment in Transparent PMS.
  • Resources availability
  • Capable Capable resource selection
  • Ability to track huge amount of services to be delivered on a daily basis
  • Predefined workflow for each service
  • Data centralization
  • Resource utilization
  • Production reports
  • Immediate and formal communication with the external resources