Transparent RMS

Product Overview

Transparent RMS is a powerful resource management module that lets you log, track and analyze every single piece of information about your resources, vendors and suppliers.Transparent RMS maintains all your resource data, capabilities, production rates and prices, work schedules, task progress and evaluation records in one easy to use interface.The seamless integration between this resource management module and Transparent PMS, the project management module, facilitates the process of selecting the most appropriate resources for each task, based on their capability, cost and achievement record.

Key Features

Detailed Resource Profiling
Transparent RMS records all possible data about your resources, both internal and external, local or global, full-time, contracted or per-hour freelancers in a comprehensive profiling module. Resource profile includes their detailed skills and expertise, production rates, salaries/wages/fees, previous assignments, evaluation, availability, etc.
Integrated Resource Management Solution
Your resources are under your full control. Screen, interview, recruit, assign, instruct, communicate, monitor, evaluate and pay all from the comfort of your Transparent RMS interface.
Full HR Module
With a centralized resource databank, resource selection module, and resource appraisal module, HR has never been easier. Transparent RMS simplifies recruitment campaigns, candidate selection and interviewing processes.
As Smart As You Might Expect
Transparent RMS comes with a bunch of smart features that will make your daily resource management process a lot easier. For example, the system saves you the hassle of shoveling a huge data bank to get a fit resource and automatically recommends best-fit resources based on their expertise, wage, timezone, native language, certification, or evaluation records. Everything is fully customizable; you can customize a separate time calendar for each resource, different payment cycle, different QA sheets, etc.
And Resources Are Also In Control
Resources are in full control of their assignments, deliverables, complaints, etc. They can accept/reject tasks, apply for overtime, negotiate rates and engage in live chat with other team members wherever they are. Resources availability
  • Ability to track huge amount of services to be delivered on a daily basis
  • Predefined workflow for each service
  • Data centralization
  • Resource utilization
  • Production reports
  • Immediate and formal communication with the external resources
  • Quality