Transparent CRM

Product Overview

Transparent CRM is a holistic cloud-based solution that orchestrates all your sales, marketing and customer care activities. Create an extensive database of all your clients/prospects/leads and add day to day sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, call reminders, cases and complaints and assign follow-up activities to different members of your sales team. Transparent CRM is 100% secure and is fully customizable, scalable and disaster recoverable. Sales managers will find it so easy to plan sales campaigns, import lead lists, define access privileges, set sales quotas and daily objectives, and check call logs, follow-up emails and opportunity statuses all in real time.
It has never been easier. All your business development plans are put into propelling action in one full-scale solution. CMOs, CSOs, sales executives, marketers, key account managers, customer care agents, and even your cold-calling secretary, will easily share and contribute invaluable data to your sales success. Keep them active. Keep yourself informed. And let the money pour in.
  • Centralized client data.
  • Easy and Flexible to track on clients, opportunities through Activates and follow up items.
  • High-level security on client data.
  • Strong CRM concepts allowing the user to record cases, attach files and add notes.
  • Easy to plan for sales campaigns and add related opportunities.
  • All data lists are fully customizable.
  • Close More Deals.
  • Never Lose an Opportunity.
  • Consistent, real time sales software Customer View.
  • Recognize Market Trends.
  • Import/export your customer data.
  • Secured data and access privileges