Transparent MT

The R&D team at UnitLabs is currently working on our new flagship product, Transparent MT, a statistical machine translation engine that can auto-translate huge amounts of text with a single mouse click.
The main advantages of machine translation compared to work of human translators are, that a computer works much faster than a person does and that by machine translation it is easier to keep consistency in the translation.

The processing speed in machine translation can be highly important, although it has to be followed up by human translators correcting the result and improving the syntax and language. The advantage of machine translation can then show up as well in fewer expenses due to less effort of human translators as in shorter total time for the translation than if performed exclusively by humans.
  • Create: Compile a machine translation and the other required packages with a single command.
  • Make-test-files: Extract from the corpus which will be used for training a small test corpus to obtain an automatic scoring which is presented at the end of the training of a language pair.
  • Train: Train the language pairs needed as the machine translation is language-independent and works with any language/alphabet.
  • Translate: Produce machine translations of new documents.
  • Score: Automatically score machine translation output in order to have an idea of the level of performance.
  • Transfer Training-to-another-location: To transfer engines/trainings to other folders in the same computer or to a different computer.
  • Integration: This module will be integrated with normal human translation process to suggest translations to translator.